A perfectly potent experience

Looking for a little more from your cannabis? Concentrates and vape cartridges are cannabis extracts that contain increased levels of THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. These are high-potency options for those seeking an elevated sense of relief.

At Elevate MO, we have deep roots, and we pride ourselves on growing and manufacturing under one roof. Always. Our in-house Soil to Oil process allows the team to identify and hand-pick the plants best suited for lab extraction – good in, good out.


What products are right for you?

Never giving less than the best, our team maintains high standards for our in-house extraction process. Elevate MO’s concentrates are in-house, whole plant extracts, strain-specific, single origin delights and we have something for everyone. Not sure what the difference is between Live and Cured? We’re happy to help.

Cured concentrates, like waxes and sugars, are sourced from our signature cured flower. The curing process allows enough time for the buds to dry out and retain the full terpene profile. These products are ideal for consumers who want a potent effect with a subtle and well-rounded flower taste. To learn more about our state-of-the-art cure rooms, drift over to the Elevate MO Flower page.

Live concentrates, like badders, sugars, and diamonds, are made from our fresh frozen flower (moved to our freezer within 30 minutes of harvest) and kept at subzero temperatures throughout the extraction process. Unlike others, our Live concentrates don’t sacrifice terpene profiles or flavor for high potency. Our Live Concentrates have a defined, live cannabis flavor with an abundance of terpenes. You can get elevated and enjoy the full experience. 

Looking for a sleek and convenient way to enjoy these concentrates? Our Liquid Diamond cartridges offer the best of our lab products in a compact form. Dripping with terps and no distillate needed. 

“At Elevate, we truly stand by our motto, 'good in, good out'. With exceptional cultivation practices and a dedicated Harvest team, we are fortunate to be able to extract magic from our premium flower. Our passionate and devoted Lab team is relentless in providing clean, unique extracts that we are proud to call our own.”
— Gwen Devonshire, Lab Director


A subtle, simple way to stay Elevated

Distillate vape cartridges are a compact and discreet form of cannabis concentrate containing fully activated THC. We dare you to find another in-house lab that can produce a distillate with this type of quality and clarity. 

Our difference? We distill until our standards are reached. Never sacrificing quantity over quality, our carts are unmatched. We’re proud to pair our distillate with smooth, cannabis derived terpenes that are extracted in-house, along with 100% naturally-derived True Terpenes® for those looking to adventure beyond cannabis flavors in our Botanical Terpene Carts.


Holding ourselves to the highest standards

At Elevate MO, we actively pursue the best version of our products every day. That’s why we continue to set and maintain in-house standards beyond what is asked of us by the State of Missouri: 

  • Setting the standard: We go above and beyond in our extraction process to stay well below the limits set by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).
  • Fresh is best: Our lab team holds an in-house standard on the age of flower prior to extraction. This guarantees you get the freshest, most well-rounded products money can buy. 
  • Single source: We grow and extract all our flower in-house and have been doing so since the start. You can find your favorite strain in a pre-roll, bud bag, cured concentrate, live concentrate, or cartridge, giving you the freedom to explore. 

Don’t sleep on Elevate MO’s extracts.

From the plant to the cart, we promise you won’t find a higher standard for in-house manufacturing than here. Want to see what all the hype is about? Shop one of our three Kansas City metro locations or ask your local dispensary if they’ve Elevate(d) their selection yet.

Welcome to
Elevate MO!

Before we fling open our virtual doors, we gotta make sure you’re old enough to be here. Are you at least 21 years old? Or 18+ with a medical card?

Welcome to
Elevate MO!

Before we fling open our virtual doors, we gotta make sure you’re old enough to be here. Are you at least 21 years old? Or 18+ with a medical card?