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Taking cannabis to new heights

Curious about cannabis? This is where everything starts – the flower.

Whether you’re lighting up one of our hand-packed pre-rolls or grabbing a bag of our show-stopping buds, Elevate MO has the right selection for you. You can choose your own adventure with a wide variety of strains that have a range of unique scents, tastes, effects, and experiences.


Fully vertical, single-source operation

Our cannabis is grown indoors in our state-of-the-art facility. Not only does this give our flower the most ideal conditions to be cultivated in, but our team of artisans can cater to each strain on a plant-by-plant basis. Each week, we can produce a consistent, first-rate product that can be enjoyed by all. Starting with high-quality, stable, and unique genetics, we invest time and care into each plant until it has reached its full potential. Each seed, or clone, is calculatedly selected and cultivated in our sustainable, all-natural coconut coir-based growing medium. This careful process brings out the best in each strain to create the most true-to-form flower. Once planted in the garden, our team puts their 80+ years of combined trials to work. Not only do you get to see this attention to detail come to life in our flower, but you’ll also see it from our in-house extracts. Each step of the process affects the final product, and we know you’ll agree when we say “we’ve nailed it”.


New to Elevate’s flower?

Take a peek at a few techniques we’re using to bring you the best in Missouri cannabis.

A process to remove the excess nutrients, salt, and minerals from the growing process. We replace the usual supplemented water with plain water to encourage the cannabis plants to soak up any remaining nutrients and rinse away the rest. This process produces a smoother smoke, reduced harshness, and a rich-tasting flower.
A process of controlling and adjusting factors of the grow to produce consistent yields from the garden. Day in and day out, our Cultivation team uses their experience to manage delicate factors like, pH, PPM, PPFD, VPD, automated irrigation, automated fertigation, and aeroponic rooting systems. Each one contributing to the premium products you find in dispensaries around Missouri.
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Delicately handled, expertly controlled

Once the plants are bursting with buds, we harvest and trim the flower. This process helps provide a better smoking experience by removing excess leaves and other plant materials. Each strain is individually trimmed to cater to its specific needs and special care is taken to prevent terpene loss. In fact, when harvesting the live flower for our Live concentrates, our team trims and transports the buds to the freezer in well under 30 minutes to preserve the terpenes in their natural state.

The soon-to-be-cured flower is moved to our state-of-the-art, fully climate-controlled dry and cure rooms. We’re talking “controlled to one tenth of a degree” state-of-the-art. If they work for other industries that require intense environmental control, it’ll work for cannabis – and we are proof of that. Drying and curing develop the flower further, so it is critical to be able to execute these stages all year round with consistency and precision. 

Drying – A process where the moisture is removed from the outside of the harvested buds. Our drying rooms are temperature- and humidity-controlled with proper air circulation to dry the flower without mold growth.     

Curing – An underestimated and vital process to a high-quality, smooth, and delicious smoke. This process continues to pull moisture from the inside of the buds, allows for retained cannabinoids and terpenes.

“I have seen so many cultivation facilities in the past that have phenomenal harvests come down, only to get destroyed by the drying/curing process. That is why we decided to change the game by implementing technology that creates precise control over the environment, resulting in a perfectly cured flower day over day, week over week.”
— Ian Peak, COO

Once cured, our team processes and packs the flower into pre-rolls, bud bags, or sends them to our in-house lab for extraction. From seedling to packaging, our team brings out the best in our cannabis plants. Searching for ways to try Elevate MO flower? We don’t blame you.


Not sure what you’re looking for?

Stop by one of our Missouri locations and ask one of our trusted Budtenders for guidance on which options may work best for you.

Welcome to
Elevate MO!

Before we fling open our virtual doors, we gotta make sure you’re old enough to be here. Are you at least 21 years old? Or 18+ with a medical card?

Welcome to
Elevate MO!

Before we fling open our virtual doors, we gotta make sure you’re old enough to be here. Are you at least 21 years old? Or 18+ with a medical card?